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    Overwhelmed or stressed by paperwork?

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    A desire to have all the correct paperwork in place and to stay in control and independent?

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    Alone or vulnerable - living away from family and needing help with paperwork, but don't know who to turn to or trust?

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    Unsure where to start when dealing with a deceased person's estate?

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    Worried that a loved one's wishes are or will be performed correctly?

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    Concerned about living away from elderly family members, and how they are coping?

PWS Legal  was created out of the need to satisfy all these concerns and more ......


We offer a friendly, compassionate, professional and practical service to our clients.  Providing real solutions to their worries so each client can have peace of mind that their later life will be enjoyable and stress free.

PWS Legal  focuses on working with the elderly, their families, the vulnerable and recently bereaved.  We understand the additional needs for care and illnesses and we incorporate these aspects within our packages.

Our range of packages and services are each tailored to provide a solution, but our aim is to assist our clients so they stay as independent as possible, and always in control of their or their loved one's later life paperwork, but with the reassurance and peace of mind of having professional support when they need it most.

WHY PWS Legal 

PWS Legal (formerly Paperwise Solutions) was founded by Mandy Susan Tourle LLB Hons over 7 years ago. Mandy has over 18 years experience in the legal sector qualifying first as a Solicitor and then as a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP).  Previously deciding to leave the profession completely, Mandy has recently been re-admitted to the SRA roll as a non-practicing Solicitor and as a TEP with Step.  In additional Mandy has also become an Associate of the Society of Will Writers.  Paperwise Solutions during the last 7 years has become an award winning company.

Mandy at Paperwise Solutions helps people by:

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    working directly with her clients on their paperwork.

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    giving real one to one care to her clients.

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    making sure they have peace of mind for their future.

  • ensuring her clients remain in control and independent for as long as possible.

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People always ask about changing jobs and the reply is ......

Starting Paperwise Solutions (now PWS Legal) was the best thing I ever did, my clients  now become my friends, I care for them and they can trust me, I help and support them so much more than I ever could have done before, I make a real difference in their lives


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  • Mandy made the whole process so easy and it meant that I could then have peace of mind going forward.

    I would and have recommended her.

    Mrs. M E, Wearn, Portsmouth

  • Very good and prompt service, clearly explained and actioned.

    Recommend very highly

    Mr. J N, Hedge End

  • Mandy administered all dealings for our Power of Attorney in a very professional manner at an affordable price.

    We would not hesitate in recommending her services.

    Mr. K & Mrs. M Lovell, Hedge End

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Over 18 years legal expertise

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You can trust us with your information

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We care about our clients

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Always honest and fair in our actions

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Passionate about delivering the best value to our clients

AccreditationsPWS Legal Ltd.  Registered in England & Wales.  Reg. No. 14195025.  Registered Address 80 Mescott Meadows Hedge End Southampton Hampshire SO30 2JU.